FanStory Reviews show how you can share your writing

FanStory Reviews

I am a writer that enjoys sharing my write with others like everyone else. I have spent some time going through what fanstory offers artists and photographers and have setup this site to give other writers a resource to find out more about this website by sharing my experience with it and also the fanstory reviews that I have found.

The Reviews

Without question this fanstory reviews gives the site high marks. The review makes it clear that fanstory can give a writer a place to share their writing and get feedback.

This detailed fanstory reviews goes into some detail about getting reviews for your writing from peers. How fanstory can help you improve as a writer and how you can learn from the feedback that you receive. The reviews are helpful in that you do learn a lot about fanstory and what it offers writers.

What I have learned is the following:

  1. Do your homework. Don't post your writing at any place. You can find a lot of forums that don't offer you the protection that a site like fanstory offers. FanStory includes a copyright with all posts and time and dates all posts. No other writing site does that. That is a big reason this site gets high reviews.
  2. Don't post your writing all at once. Post a story or poem, learn from the feedback, make changes and grow and improve. A lot of writers post everything they have written at once. Don't do that. Learn from the reviews.
  3. Enjoy the community. Learn from the writers and make connections in the industry. A big part of fanstory is the community atmosphere that is provided.


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